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Finance new Subaru on a Personal Contract Purchase PCP

New Subaru Car Finance from Broker4cars your Online Subaru PCP Broker

Subaru PCP

Subaru is the car-making arm of Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan, specialising in four wheel drive and turbo charged performance cars, the most recognised of which has to be the Subaru Impreza. Marketing their cars through the World Rally Championships, the Subaru Impreza has achieved many successes in rallying with a host of drivers that includes both Colin McRae and Richard Burns. On the road these successes have been mirrored in the popularity of the Impreza with the general public and the Scooby Doo is an extremely cheap way to drive a high-end performance car. Subaru has also taken its expertise in four wheel drive technology to develop a range of very capable four wheel drive road cars such as the Forester.

Finance your new Subaru using a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase). Payment is made on a monthly basis directly from your bank account for an agreed period of time - normally between two and four years. Your initial deposit can be anything from 0 to 40%, and your regular payments will be much lower than hire purchase. You can also pay extra to include all your servicing costs and a one off payment can be made for Gap insurance. At the end of the agreed period you either hand your Subura back, or, if you decide to keep it, you can pay the "balloon payment", this is the Guaranteed future value (GFV) that is specified when you make the original agreement.

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